Gala Games Gets Frank Miller Onboard for Gala.Art

The world-famous American writer and artist, Frank Miller, has signed with Gala Games and Concept Art House to produce a commemorative NFT series as part of the Gala.art initiative which is due to launch soon. Miller is one of the most prolific content creators from the last four decades, having worked on major comic illustrations such as Sin City, Daredevil, 300, and The Dark Knight Returns.

The NFT collection is in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Sin City, the acclaimed crime noir that Miller created and was published by Dark House Comics in the 1990s. The full details of the launch have not yet been announced, however, the NFT collection will include both old and new drawings, as well as a physical NFT that will be part of an open edition.

Miller says he sees the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs, but he is not all-in just yet. “This all seems extremely exciting, but I’m in the listening stage,” Miller said in an interview with GamesBeat. “Im just getting to wrap my head around the whole concept here, because I know this is where no man has gone before. This is a wonderful time for Sin City because, after a sizable gap, I’m jumping back into it on a whole bunch of levels.”

Fans can sign up for new Miller NFT drop at Crypto Art House.

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