The Future is Bright for Korean Digital Art

As the crypto-world grows ever stronger and the NFT market gathers pace, one small Asian Nation is creeping to the head of the game. The youth of South Korea have almost universally embraced the blockchain revolution, much to the ire of their elderly counterparts.

One notable group of Koreans jumping into the deep end are the artists from their burgeoning art scene. To this end, they are fast becoming some of the most prolific producers of NFT artworks. As a result, Korean creators have hit ground running in 2021.

Contemporary animation artist Mari Kim jumped at the opportunity to be a trailblazer of the Korean NFT scene. Listing her first piece, “Missing in Action,” at Korea’s first-ever NFT auction in March, it promptly sold for 288 ETH. Mari Kim says she is “blown away” by the interest in her work, and admitted that it felt “adventurous and refreshing” to be riding the crest of the NFT art wave.

Elsewhere, a digital artist going by the name Mr Misang (meaning “Mr. Unknown” in Korean), is currently the second highest grossing artist on NFT marketplace SuperRare. As of May 13, his “Modern Life is Rubbish” collection has a total transactional value of $US 1.76 Million. No mean feat for an artist that new nothing of NFTs at the start of the year.

Recently, a Korean official attempted to mock the blockchain revolution. Eun Sung-soo, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, suggested it was the duty of the Elders to correct the misguided youth, who are spending money on a currency with no intrinsic value. The South Korean youth, whom he was criticising, responded in cathartic style. In mockery of Mr. Eun’s statement, they immortalised the recording as an NFT and listed it on the OpenSea. Consequently, the mastermind behind the scheme earned 1 ETH for their troubles.

>> See Mari Kim’s work >> Here

>> See works from Mr Misang’s “Modern Life is Rubbish” collection >> Here

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