Free NBA TopShot Moment For CryptoKitty Owners

To all CryptoKitty owners, this is your chance to get a beloved NBA TopShot Moment if you missed out. This means that if you’re a Kitty owner, you’re eligible for receiving a free Moment. This Moment can’t be bought, unless of course, it is on the secondary marketplace. It is an exclusive offer for CrypoKitty owners only. The offer is available until Monday, February 8th. So be sure to fill out the form before then if you want to receive a free Moment. 

If you are a CryptoKitty owner but don’t have an NBA Top Shot account, then you will first have to register at the NBA collectibles site. This offer is available to those who became CryptoKitty owners before January 21st, 2021. If you purchased a CryptoKitty on the 22nd or later, you won’t be able to redeem a free Moment. 

NFT sales of NBA TopShot Moments recently surpassed CryptoKitty sales, so even if you’re not the biggest fan of basketball, it’s worth redeeming your free TopShot NFT. These limited edition collectibles are highly sought-after and make for some lucrative trading and collecting ventures. NBA TopShot raked in $31.8m in sales, making it the highest-selling collectible in sales volume. 

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