Glide Through The Metaverse Skies of Somnium Space

The importance of Virtual Reality in the metaverse is a hotly debated topic. Some believe that user numbers and VR adoption are still too low to warrant the extensive development work required to make it financially worthwhile, whilst others believe it is imperative to be developing VR experiences now, in order to be best prepared for the day when mass adoption arrives. The Somnium Space team has always been very clear on their approach: VR should be the backbone of everything that is developed, and never be treated as an afterthought.


One of the many new features developed in Somnium Space is the ability to fly and glide over the city. Watch as small group of community members collectively climb a high rise building, and glide down at night over Central Waypoint. This video was perfectly captured by community member Zapious.

For anybody who has the right VR equipment, this must feel like an incredible experience…

Final Thoughts

As more and more structures are being built, and extra features and experiences are being developed, the momentum for Somnium continues to roll forward.

It now seems like every few days a new art gallery or conference hall is being revealed, resulting in more visitors becoming eager to get their first taste of what a VR blockchain world looks like. There are still a fair few kinks to be worked out, but most are leaving pleasantly surprised by what has been achieved in a relatively short amount of time. It’s almost impossible to imagine what will come next from this talented Czech team.

So, when will you experience flight through the night skies of Somnium Space?

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