Fin Society Fables Creating a Diverse Ocean Saga for NFT Holders

Calling on all ocean lovers, who want to dive deep into the mysteries of the sea and its beautiful finned creatures. A diverse saga, with an ever expanding universe, is coming to NFT land. Dubbed “Fin Society Fables,” this new project promises a seamless experience and utility NFTs.

The Saga

With the threat of extinction and massacre from their creators, these delicate creatures must grow their species to become stronger and adapt to the new ways of the metaverse. Swim in the sea and search for your match to open up your path to Poseidon.

As a Fin, you have the ultimate choice to make once you begin your legacy in the the OpenSea. The choice consists of becoming a Survivor fin, who is a docile yet civilized fin who will carry out their duty or you can become a Revolutionary Fin that has a main goal of revolting against the human society that has treated their kind as nothing more than something to eat.

The Fin Collection

Fin Society Fables is a collection of 10,300 NFTs, which will be launched in three phases. The first drop, called “The Prehistoric Collection,” will consist of 300 numbered and animated NFTs. Out of the 300, there will be three types of unique NFTs, so 100 of each of the three types. These NFTs represent ancient digital slabs that have been deciphered by top Fin archaeologists.

The second drop, titled “The Finatic Collection,” will feature 5,000 male Fins with over 120 possible traits. Acquiring one of these male fins will be essential to accessing the Fin Society Social App which will fulfill one of Poseidon’s requirements. The social app will act as a key that holders must interact with in order to navigate the deeper parts of Poseidon’s Metaverse.

The third drop, “The Fintopia Collection,”  will see the release of 5,000 female Fins, also with over 120 possible traits. With the females in play it gives the opportunity to date, and form a family of fins which inevitably expands the universe of Fin Society Fables. Female fins will be able to match with male fins and create special offspring based on traits, attributes, and performance during their dates. Acquiring this baby Fin will help in completing another one of Poseidon’s requirements to access his world.

Holders of The Prehistoric Collection will get exclusive and early access to the second and third collections, building up to the utility of exploring the Fin Society Social App. Attribute cards will also accompany the second and third collections, which will let you know what kind of personality your Fin has. Find out more in the whitepaper.

The presale will take place on December 3 at 6PM EST and the public sale on December 4 at 6PM EST. Each NFT will cost 0.05 ETH, and buyers can sign up on the official website to get on the whitelist.

Fin Society Social App

The specially-designed social app will serve as a platform where holders can match and breed with other Fins for the purpose of building a Fin family and gaining Poseidon’s blessings. While in the game you will be asked questions about your match. If you play your cards right and answer correctly it can help your probability of producing a more unique Baby Fin.

Roadmap & the Masterminds Behind the Project

The team aims to work with the Fin community to continue expanding the Fin Society universe. They will also set up a community wallet with 10 ETH, as well as a member-exclusive merchandise store, raffles to win ETH, and donate 10 ETH to the Coral Reef Alliance. The next roadmap, which will be created in conjunction with the community, will outline parts of the ocean not yet discovered.

The masterminds behind the project are a group of friends and partners that have worked together in the technology space servicing various startups and other technology businesses. They have been working towards establishing a unique style and direction and are continuously looking for new ways to push themselves to new heights.

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