Art Sensation FEWOCiOUS Set for Biggest Auction Yet

Teenage art sensation “FEWOCiOUS” is preparing to drop their latest collection at Christie’s auction house, featuring five beautifully crafted artworks with a deeply personal background.

The works, collectively titled “Hello, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life,” each represent a year in their life from the age 14 to 18, and catalogues the trials and emotions concerning the gender transition of a young adult trying to understand the world.

Each lot consists of both digital and real-world aspects. In summary, auction winners will receive one animated NFT artwork along with the corresponding physical piece. Additionally, they will receive a set of doodles, drawings and journal entries for the year the work represents. This bonus material will be both NFT and physical.

Having suffered a turbulent upbringing at the hands of a highly conservative family, Victor turned to art as a form of escapism. They spent many years working for small commissions before receiving their big break when they were seventeen.

Having sold a piece for $90 dollars, the New York collector making the purchase recommended an investigation into NFTs. Soon after, they sold their first NFT for $1000 dollars. Since then, their popularity has soared, with Victor making $18 million worth of sales to date. All this in just over 15 months, must be quite mind-blowing for the talented artist.

The auction will run from 10AM EDT June 23rd until 2PM EDT June 30th.

Visit Christie’s auction house and see the collection for yourselves >> Here

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Image credit via : Fewocious

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