Metaverse Explorer: Exploring the Nyan Cat Gallery in Decentraland

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you are someone who appreciates viral internet memes, I bet you know about this one. In this article we are going to be exploring the Nyan Cat Gallery in Decentraland at 94,-7. Located on the east side of the map adjacent to Gamer Plaza is a colorful art gallery featuring a museum, a spaceship, a nightclub and dance floor. The scene is the trademarked location for the Nyan Cat brand and was built by two Last Slice Members Noodle and PRguitarman. The asset is located in a desirable part of Decentraland next to a road and near other projects such as Chibi Labs and the largest estate in DCL. 

The entrance of the parcel is a bright green yard with pumpkins, a rocketship, showtime lights and a Nyan jingle when walking onto the property. The entrance to the gallery has a pink highlighter and neon “Nyan Cat Gallery” sign below a two-prong looking magnetic doorway. The hallway has a “Club Nyan Cat” poster on the wall, which is foreshadowing to come. 

The inside of the museum is a tasteful collection of Nyan Cat art displayed in various forms. The walls are lined with Nyan Cat art. There are pedestals on the far sides of the museum exhibiting the more rare Nyan Cats. The far edge walls have a unique “Nyan Cat City” vibe with the solar system hanging from the ceiling.

My favorite aspect about the build are the colors and details. The pumpkins outside bring together a fall and Halloween feel, which is perfect for the season. The in-side is a spacious gathering spot and displays the Nyan Cat art tastefully. This is an amazing build and only the first part. Stay tuned for our review of the Nyan Cat Club. 

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