Metaverse Explorer: Exploring the Deadhead HQ in Decentraland

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If horror movies, Halloween and getting scared are your thing, I got the perfect location for you. In this article we are going to be exploring the Deadheads NFT HQ at -85, -107. Located near the southwest corner of Decentraland is a gated cemetery featuring tombstones, dead trees and a spooky church. The scene was created by the Last Slice Collective. Noodlebuilds did the modeling, Lastraum did the programming, Murpheus voiced the skeletons, and Koshi engineered the sound and ambiance. 

The entrance is a slightly opened and haunted gate leading directly into the graveyard. The build is in a low traffic location off the beaten path, but surrounded by a few large estates including the Stargate Pyramid, Roadside ArtHaus and the Kong Hall of Fame. The graveyard is an eerily detailed scene reminiscent of Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion. Several unique elements give this scene ample spots to check out including lighting, cobwebs, and a tiny back house in the far right corner from the entrance.

The entrance to the structure is a concrete paved hill with gates lining both sides. The building reminds me of a haunted church made with wooden succumb. A single piece of long red carpet starts from the beginning of the doorway until the edge of the first bench. Several candles light up the entrance way and are scattered throughout the property. The murals on the top right wall change when selected. The front of the layout has large and animated deadhead shapes. Red banners occupy each table. 

I love the detail the entire scene brings. Last Slice did an incredible job bringing together each element and it shows as I explored the property more. The voice overs and animations bring the scene over the top and give it a truly one of a kind spooky feeling.

My favorite part about the property are the little things. For example, the back house, the crows circling the building, the light shining from the windows and the Deadhead winking towards the front of the room. The Deadheads reveal snagged the #1 spot on the explore page and brought publicity to the NFT drop.     

🔎 Click here to visit The Deadheads HQ in Decentraland.

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