Metaverse Explorer: Exploring Studio Nouveau Art Gallery In Decentraland

If abstract art and open-air spaces are your thing, look no further than the Studio Nouveau Art Gallery. In this article we are going to be exploring Studio Nouveau Art Gallery in Decentraland at -104, -27. The gallery is located on the southwest side of the map near the Fashion District. The build is the metaverse location for Studio Nouveau, a multimedia company creating immersive crypto art and music. The location is a 2X2 adjacent to a road and the large Astrology Center.

The outside of the build is a simple and open-air box with lots of entry ways and large bay-style windows. The structure’s colors are primarily a mix of beige, blue, black and wood. The large windows provide a glimpse into the gallery from outside and stairs are accessible from the outside. There is a sophisticated-looking wooden trunk at the entrance of the gallery. The trunk says “Studio Nouveau” and serves as a welcome mat. 

The inside of the gallery has an open air floor plan featuring abstract sculptures, CryptoArt and audio visual recordings. The abstract sculptures featured throughout the interior are Studio Nouveau’s “audiovisual” collection. Mist is the first track on the album and each includes an audiovisual, abstract sculpture and an AI generated landscape. The gallery’s floors are a greyish and blue color with lots of room to roam around.

The gallery is six floors all with a similar layout. There are two exhibits in the center of the room filled with CryptoArt. Art also lines the walls of the gallery in all directions. The top floor is a beautiful sky deck overlooking Decentraland. The deck has a similar layout to the rest of the structure. Two very large abstract sculptures sit atop the build. 

My favorite part about the build is the simplicity. Every floor is nearly identical, which draws more attention to the actual art and structures. The top floor is gorgeous and provides sweeping views of the nearby Molins Astrology Center & Art Gallery and the large hourglass.

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