Metaverse Explorer: Exploring Hiroto Kai’s Glass Tower In Decentraland

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you are someone who appreciates Japanese culture, l got the perfect location for you. In this article we will be exploring Hiroto Kai’s Glass Tower at -2, -234. Located on a road near the south end of Decentraland is an open air tower featuring a lobby, an education suite, an NFT gallery and a large blue dragon ball room. The scene is the biggest in its vicinity but located near other buildings such as Armonia Castle, Axxel Racing and the Tech Showcase. Hiroto Kai is a Last Slice member and a large builder in the Decentraland community for his wearables, crypto art and buildings.

The entrance to the lobby is a large opening flanked by two blue and gold dragon emblems. The center of the lobby contains a stone structure of a lion. Hiroto Kai showcases his wearables and art in the lobby on spinning podiums, lit up frames and sword glass cases. The lobby has two elevators, which bring you up to the three different floors.

The second floor of the glass tower is the education floor. The “Wearable Builder Tutorial Series” wall lies right in front of the elevator. The wall showcases three different wearable tutorial videos taught by Hiroto Kai himself. The floor is reminiscent of any university library filled with book shelves, large tables and chairs.

The third floor is the NFT art gallery floor. The floor is a classical museum set up with each wall representing its own theme. Hiroto Kai showcases his eclectic NFT artistic range including warriors, jewelry, abstract, nature, glass swans, Crystal faberge eggs and artifacts.

The fourth and final floor is the Blue dragon ball room. The ball room is the largest room in the tower, which includes a large podium and television screen. The walls are lined with blue and gold dragon tapestry. The Poap machine is in the front-center of the room. There are winding stairs that provide elevation to the podium to watch the large TV screen. 

This is the second Hiroto Kai build I have covered for NFT plazas. His glass tower is monumentally more complex than his first Warrior Temple. I love the detail the scene brings from the spinning podiums showcasing his work, the different themed levels and the wooden complexion of the build. I look forward to watching Hiroto Kai grow as an artist and a member of the NFT community!

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