Metaverse Explorer: Experiencing Lobsteropolis

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you enjoy pop art and lobster, boy do I have the spot for you. Located on the far northwest corner of Decentraland is Lobsteropolis. Lobsteropolis is an art world that features its own record store, museum, bank, burger joint, casino and university. It’s a large-scale development located at the edge of Vegas City and near Tominoya Casino. The mini-city opens June 30th with an art show curated by Simon de Pury and a DJ set by CLUBDEVO. The event is presented by SuperRare. 

The creative mind behind Lobsteropolis is Philip Colbert. Philip was born in Scotland and graduated with an MA in Philosophy from St. Andrews University. He rose to fame for his energetic new approach to painting and pop theory. 

dcl, metaverse, Lobsteropolis

Lobsteropolis’ plaza could be a painting. The center is a self-contained fountain with lobsters supporting each level. The top of the fountain is presumably the king lobster with a large crown on its head. The town has several locations including Lobster Land Records, Lobster Museum, Lobster Bank, Lobster Lounge, Lobster Mart and Lobster University.

The city’s art and design is similar to Phillip’s pop art style. The location is highlighted with bright colors and unique textures. Colors such as blue, green and red are themed colors with greys and blacks to outline structures and buildings. The exhibit has not yet opened, which is reflected in the construction elements including a crane, blocked off structures and construction equipment. An important detail is the “Just Claw It” billboard with the Lobster Swoosh.

dcl, metaverse, lobsteropolis

The inside of each building is eclectic with a shared color tone and vibe. The Lobster Museum, located at -110, 147, is a diverse art gallery featuring paintings, sculptures, vases and wall art. The outside is reminiscent of a large bank with spiked pillars and a sunny side-up egg on top.

Lobster Land Records features vinyl records along the walls and a large DJ booth set up in the center. The Lobster Lounge is a large movie theatre with stadium seating and a large screen bordered by flowers. The Lucky Lobster is the Lobsteropolis’ casino featuring blackjack, slot machines and romanesque architecture. 

dcl, metaverse, lobsteropolis

I love the diversity and eclectic nature of Lobsteropolis. The entire location has its pop art theme, but each element is unique in its own way. The details and colors pop and clearly took a significant amount of time and effort to construct.

My favorite detail is the “Just Claw It” billboard and the Lobsteropolis sign over the Lobster Mart. I feel Lobsteropolis is going to be huge and will contribute to the metaverse ecosystem due to its popular in real life following and attention to detail.

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