Metaverse Explorer: Experiencing Hiroto Kai’s Warrior Temple

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you are interested in Japanese culture and some hot wearables, I have found the perfect spot for you. In this Metaverse Explorer article we are going to be discovering Hiroto Kai’s Warrior Temple. Hiroto Kai has quickly grown a strong reputation as an artist in the Decentraland community. He has made a name for himself for his Japanese inspired wearables and builds. He is also part of the Last Slice Community, along with myself, and he is a positive voice in the Decentraland community.

DCL, decentraland, metaverse

The Warrior Temple is nestled on a far southeast side parcel just south of Dragon City. The outside of the building is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese dojo. The black and brown wooden coloring emits a warrior’s vibe and immediately immerses you in the scene. The build draws visitors in with its large, doorless entrance, and the sound of The Koi ponds out front are a fantastical detail which enhance the Japanese aura circling the building.    

decentraland, DCL, metaverse

The inside of the build is simple yet elegant. The stairs walk up to a platform featuring Hiroto Kai’s warrior NFTs and wearables. The center of the building contains a time capsule with the full warrior fit. Hiroto Kai has come out with head gear, kimono, kimono pants and boots.

DCL, decentraland, metaverse

If you’re going to be visiting Decentraland soon, I urge you to pass by this magnificent, mystery-filled temple.

🔎 Click here to visit Hiroto Kai’s Warrior Temple in Decentraland for yourself.

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