Exclusive NFT Festival Tickets to be Released on Mintable

Some interesting projects are being released, and it’s super impressive to see artists and creators pushing the limits of NFTs and playing with new ideas. This Friday, February 12th, the incredible artist moestradamus from the art collective ‘Because of the Lotus‘ is releasing ultra rare, collectible NFTs on Mintable. There will only be 10 NFTs available and each one will feature a unique 3D animation with an original music score and sound effects by John Welton. 

In addition to being an NFT collectible, the NFT will also be a ticket for an exclusive Caribbean retreat on the Island of St. John, Virgin Islands, U.S. The retreat is limited to 10 people and includes four nights of glamorous camping at Camp St. John, as well as daily Neurofeedback Training, a selection of mindfulness-centred workshops, yoga, hiking, and music performances. 

Included in the purchase of the NFT is also a Muse 2 wireless EEG headset, Myndlift electrode, and Neurofeedback sessions from home for each participant. Neurofeedback Training is a type of method used for sensing and retraining the brain and improving brain performance.  

The tickets will be released in two waves on Mintable’s Gasless Minting Store. They will be sold at the fixed price of $1800 (or 1.01 ETH at this moment in time). 

Photo credit: Art by moestradamus

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