Metaverse Explorer: Examining the Sotheby’s NFT Gallery

Welcome back to the Metaverse Explorer series with me, Jake.

If you are looking for an amazing example of how a traditional brand can impact the metaverse, look no further than Sotheby’s NFT Gallery. The auction house is located at 52,83 within Decentraland’s Voltaire Arts District. The building is a replica of their iconic New Bond Street Galleries in London, featuring five ground level gallery spaces and a commissioner named Hans Lomulder. 

The gallery was created by Sotheby’s, a traditional auction house, which recently hosted a “Natively Digital” NFT art sale. The auction featured desirable CryptoArt from various established creators such as Larva Labs, Robert Alice and Kevin McCoy.

The gallery’s structure is grandiose in nature. The front has three different styles of architecture as if they were three separate buildings. The entrance is on the far left side of the building under the large Sotheby’s logo and awning. The left and right sides of the entrance are displaying the auction’s most prized CryptoArt including Larva Labs CryptoPunk 7523 and Kevin McCoy’s Quantum. The sides of the building are similar to the front. Three separate styles of architecture come together to form one build. 

The gallery’s inside welcomes visitors to automatically opening glass doors. To the right is a Voxel Architects sign and to the left is a blocked off staircase. The doors open to what appears to be the lobby of a hotel. There is a wooden countertop similar to where you would check-in at a hotel and chairs and tables to relax at.

The first door to the right after you pass the countertop is gallery #1. Gallery #1 has the CryptoPunk and Quantum NFTs inside including other pieces from Robert Alice and Flamingo Dao. Each gallery’s interior looks similar. The walls are painted white with brown wooden doors leading to the hallway or other galleries. White pillars hold up the ceiling and feature lighting fixtures. Each gallery has a unique name including the Devonshire Gallery, St. George Street and Conduit Street Gallery, and Central Gallery.

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I love the simplicity and sophistication the gallery showcases. The outside architecture is brilliant and eclectic. The three different styles come together beautifully to create one cohesive structure. The inside is simple and grabs the viewer’s attention to the various gallery rooms. 

Sotheby’s is a reputable brand and is doing big things in the metaverse space. I expect them to continue to offer CryptoArt in an auction format. So far, Natively Digital has been wildly successful and an amazing use case for in-game auctions.

dcl, metaverse, decentraland

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