Own a Piece of Ethereum History With Ethstory CryptoArt

The first series of Ethstory, an exciting data visualization art project which uses network and other diagrams to describe the history of Ethereum, is now live on OpenSea!

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What makes this already mesmerizing project even more collectable and investable is the fact that Ethstory is the first NFT project to be incubated by Sfermion, the NFT native investment firm run by top content creator and NFT podcast legend, Andrew Steinwold.

How ETHstory Works 

The project was created by data scientist coder Takens Theorem who has designed the whole process in a beautiful way so that each NFT visualization uses thousands of data points from on-chain and other resources to create symbolic depictions of Ethereum’s intriguing history.

The scarcity of each NFT is related to the depth of time, so the earlier the depicted events, the rarer the items. Only owners of the NFTs can unlock a link to a password-protected vector-quality PDF, permitting printing, zooming, and other features, to any resolution.

There are a total of four series, and each series includes several originals with a limited number of editions. The series will be launched throughout the months of March and April. The first series, “36PrZ (Conception)” is now available on OpenSea and it includes 22 originals in 22 editions.

The second series, “0x304a5 (Branching)” launches on March 20th, the third series “0x06012 (Complexifying)” on April 3rd, and the fourth series “0x00000 (Transforming)” on April 17th.

With each release, the project showcases the very early days of Ethereum, to what the network looks like today. The visualizations are aesthetically remarkable and also help us understand the progress and how powerful of a network Ethereum has become.

Image credit: via Takens Theorem

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