Ethermon Introduces Groundbreaking $EMON Token

Decentralised monster utopia Ethermon have announced a significant and imminent upgrade to their NFT capabilities. In the not-too-distant future, Ethermon is set to replace their current EMONT token with the infinitely more rewarding and versatile $EMON ERC20 token.

Everybody holding a bag of EMONT on April 19 (snapshot date) will soon receive a 1:4 conversion for the new EMON, but if you missed the snapshot date then it is not advised to buy EMONT anymore as it is pretty useless at this point.

The Game – Play to Earn Model

Ethermon, one of the longest standing projects within Decentraland, is an all-immersive monster capture/train/combat environment which uses play-to-earn economics to allow users to accrue value within the ecosystems they inhabit.

The strategy is designed to take gaming on the platform to the next level, allowing $EMON to be earned in their 3D universe. The previous NFT offering EMONT, was restricted to tedious grinding within the 2D environment and is incompatible with new multi-chain requirements. The new $EMON offering is destined to break the shackles of these limitations and allow Ethermon to reach its true potential.

Supply will be set at 400 million $EMON tokens with a huge 30% of supply being reserved for gameplay rewards such as exchanging in-game loot by trading within player-owned franchises, as well as in-game tournament prizes.

$EMON will launch on both Polygon (formerly Matic) and Ethereum mainnet with a bridge providing compatibility between the two networks.

Stay tuned on Telegram for further information regarding the token generation event (TGE)!

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