Episode 6 – Road to 1000 NFTs

What has happened this week on my journey?

This week felt like a day, time really is flying in the Crypto space :O I am working on my 1/1 NFT for my debut on FND and am currently experimenting in Blender to make something I had in my mind. I am really enjoying all the new stuff I am learning these days. It’s also very great to have new contacts in the space! Love the support from fellow artists and collectors. This week I collected two NFTs from the legendary Jose Delbo. I collected the #10 Death, The Fallen:

And the second one, and for my feeling the best of 2, #147 Satoshi The Creator- Genesis:

It feels good to have all these amazing NFTs in my collection from the smallest to the biggest artists. I hope to pass it to the next generation one day as I am not planning to ever sell my NFT collection! I also got a very nice gift from the NFT Plazas team.

This is the first edition from the digizine collection and I feel very honored to add this to my collection:

I normally interview only artists with smaller accounts but decided to also include some giants out there! This week I had the chance to include Nekrox in my column and I suggest people take a look at his portfolio.

Artist of the Week? 🙂

Week Six: Nekro
Twitter: @nekroxiiii

View artwork: Click here

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Nekro, I am an artist born in O Grove (Spain) in 1983 I have always liked drawing, I used it as a way to express my feelings, I have always been a very introverted person so drawing has helped me communicate with other people. I am self-taught, I have learned through hours and mistakes. There came a time when my drawing technique and my ideas were no longer compatible. At that moment I needed to find another way to make them real and the photomontage arrived. For more than 15 years I have been perfecting my technique, I started with a few dozen layers and now I can exceed a thousand in my works. I keep learning and perfecting day by day, I still have a lot to learn.

When I started in digital it was very undervalued, the “traditional” was the true art. Later, when it was valued more, I once again belonged to the undervalued side because I worked with photos and the true art was drawing.

Now everyone uses photos, they call it photobash and it is the most used technique for concept art, what a surprise!

The value of things seems to always depend on who uses it, so always work in the way that you feel comfortable, with the way that lets you express yourself as an artist. Art is art, technique is the least important.

How you ended up in the NFT world.

About a year ago I started hearing the term NFT. People came to ask me if I sold NFTs, I had no idea what it was. More and more people asked me and I received proposals to use some platforms and I began to be interested in it.

About 20 days ago I uploaded my first NFT, I did not do it before because of all the hatred that flooded the networks about it. I am a person who always avoids any type of problem, but I thought it was a great opportunity and I jumped in. This was difficult, I lost thousands of followers every day, and it was not hard because of the numbers, but because they were people that I appreciated, it still hurts, but here we continue.

The CryptoArtist community welcomed me with open arms, good people supporting each other, I am very grateful.

My first NFT “the Alchemist” was sold for 17 ETH, more than I ever thought anyone would pay for my work.

Tell something about one artwork of yours. How you made it, what you have learned, how you came up with making it. A short story about the artwork itself.

Almost all my personal works express feelings or moods. “The Alchemist” is one of my most recent images, it was made for the Billelis contest and it turned out to be the winner. It is a reflection of my work, destruction as a form of creation and little order within chaos. It is made entirely in Photoshop, 2D, with hundreds of parts that do not make sense separately but that form a whole. That’s where the term “digital alchemist” comes from. Create something with parts that start out as something else. Something you want to share with other artists or with the buyers. Where you get your passion and inspiration from. I not only sell an image, I sell a process, a path that I started more than 15 years ago that has not finished yet, because it will never end Thanks to those of you who want to be part of it and help me to do it in the least possible way.

Be kind, respect others, enjoy art.

Here some examples of my work, and “the Alchemist” illustration and his process:

Smiley of the Week

This week’s smiley has been made by TheGrandMacabre:

Artist of the Week?🙂

Week Six: CryptoPOM
Linktree: Click here

OpenSea: Click here

CryptoPOM is a Scottish-Chilean Latina artist with a background in game design, character concept art, and narrative-building. Her work is heavily influenced by pop culture, politics, sociological topics, and her own lived emotional experiences. Her focus is on 2D illustration featuring portraiture as the central element, often using textural layering and text with a strong palette to bring her ideas to life.

She grew up travelling all over the world, from New Zealand (where she was born) to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain, England and the United States, where she studied Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After that, she successfully Kickstarted her own idea for a point-and-click adventure game (now on Steam, as of 2018), and has also done bouts of work in the field of art therapy with children with physical/mental developmental issues, and older people with Alzheimer’s. She is currently based in the Scottish Borders, where she is surrounded by sheep.

CryptoPOM works primarily in Photoshop, using her trusty old WACOM tablet to produce her illustrations. While she explored Foundation as a platform for a while, she consistently finds herself returning to OpenSea.

She’ll often also be found promoting her mother’s art on Twitter, the unstoppable Chilean interactive designer, Brute Force Works. CryptoPOM dragged her into the NFT scene and since then, they have been having fun getting to know the entire community together.

Twitter: @BruteforceW
OpenSea: Click here
Showtime: Click here
I want to thank all readers for being here and hopefully till next time!

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