Episode 5 – Road to 1000 NFT’s

What has happened this week on my journey?

This week I went NFT shopping at NiftyGateway. I collected myself 5 pieces. I stranded on Nifty because of the Bitcoin Angel from Trevor Jones. Right after I collected 4 other pieces from open edition drops. Was a very cool experience to join this. Here you can see my collected NFTs from NG: 

I also sold out on my own NFTs @ Rarible! Like I always do, I putted my earned ETH from sales back into the community and collected this work from @kavimaz

There are a lot rumors on CryptoTwitter and one of them is that a big change is coming to the NFT space. Influencers are preparing us for this change, by talking about it. I feel like it will be a big thing for us all. Very excited! My mom wants to have 1 NFT! When she told me that she wanted this I nearly passed out! I was so happy that she has faith in this space now. She even starts talking about it herself after surfing on the internet to look for NFTs. I showed her my Twitter and she is so happy for me that I feel in my place and get accepted by the community! And that makes me happy!

This week we have great artists talking about their work. Let’s introduce them if you don’t know them yet:

Artist of the Week? 🙂

Week Five: Jeremy Booth
Twitter: @jeremybooth

View artwork: Click here

Jeremy Booth is a creative house with a focus on commercial, editorial, and mural illustrations. His philosophy is to create bold illustrations that communicate well and are hard to forget.

“Jeremy is a 2D vector artist from Louisville Kentucky. He’s spent the last 6+ years working with clients such as Apple and Warby Parker while also creating digital artwork on his free time. His work can described as minimal, bold, and dramatic in the way he uses light.
His personal work is much more experimental than that of his commercial work. Currently he is working though a surrealist series where he explores themes related to the mind, sight, and altered reality through open landscapes, architecture, and figures. Jeremy suffered from seizures 7 years ago which lead to brain surgery and 100% recovery. During that dark season of life Jeremy felt his life would always be distorted and abnormal, his work reflects that state of mind. 
“Burning Both Ends” displays the restless mind, something Jeremy continues to battle.”

Smiley of the Week

This weeks smiley has been made by Jeremy Booth:

NFT of the Week

I also had a talk with NFTattoo this week. This was one of the first CryptoArt artists I met when I joined CryptoTwitter. Since day one I loved his style. Very nice tattoo style art.

Week Five: NFTattoo
Twitter: @NfTattoo
View artwork: Click here
NFtattoo got inspired by his father, but unfortunately never had a good relationship with his father. When NFtattoo reached the age of 15 he moved with his mother to Spain where he would open a tattooshop on his 17th birthday. He gave a big party in this shop and promised himself to never party again and put 100% energy in the shop. That did not take long because partying was just something he liked. He managed to clean up himself when he was 23 years old and the shop was a huge succes in the neighborhood.
Customers also came for designs as they loved the style very much. The love for his art is the one thing that gave him so much power to get a great life. Then last year Corona striked down and his shop was forced to close. Searching for an alternative a friend told him about NFTs and about how people would love the style he can produce. ‘
“You should join Twitter”
His friend told him. Not long after that his first NFTs dropped and sales began to rise. Also with the money invested in coins he made himself a life changing investment and bought a house for his old mother and himself. He now lives there and is working hard to get the house in full shape. When he is finished with this he will focus 100% on NFTs and CryptoArt again.

I want to thank all readers for being here and hopefully till next time!

Much love and hugs from MissNFT :purple_heart:

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