Episode 10 – Road to 1000 NFTs

What has happened this week on my journey?

Hi Fam! I wanted to start off with some advice about ENS and connecting your wallet to it. If you want to protect your username (in my case it WAS MissNFT) you should claim your name immediately before someone else will take it. I could not claim MissNFT.eth because it was taken and now had to change my name to RealMissNFT on all platforms to work safely. Now that I have claimed the RealMissNFT.eth domain, I can use it to receive payments on it and this will be received on my original address where I connected it with.

This week I collected some NFTs again 🙂

Bad hair day (Artist: @4thperspective)

Halftonepunk (artist: @SpacePunks_NFT)

Story of Mary (artist: @Vamuel_)

Not only did I collect, but also two of my own NFTs got collected by the legendary Aito.eth.

I have a feeling that Aito is really trying to create a community. The support that ”this egg” provides to artists feels appreciated all around and by me.

Artist of the Week? 🙂

Week Ten: CryptoGal81
Twitter: @cryptogal81

View artwork: Rarible / Foundation / Opensea

CryptoGal81 is a CryptoArtist with a background in photography. A lover of nature, animals, and storytelling. CryptoGal81 uses 2D portraiture combining photographs with artistic layering, to create a breathtaking imagery telling stories that comes from the heart. She has recently started to work with C4D and is beginning to make an entree into the 3D art market. CryptoGal81 has been in the photography industry for many years and is loving the NFT world and the community that surrounds it.

CryptoGal81 is a strong believer of community and her family and friends mean the world to her. Her children make her strive to do the best she can and she wants them to be proud of her. CryptoGal81 is an autism ambassador and strives for people to see that autism is something to embrace, to be proud of and is a quality instead of a disability.

CryptoGal81 ended up in the NFT world after friends in the photography trade introduced her to it. She had heard about NFTs for quite some time but finally took the plunge in early 2021. She minted her first piece, which sold within 24hours to Compusophy. Her first piece combined her love of animals, nature and used the elements of the arts to create a work called “Freedom Spirit”. She is a horse lover, so it was essential that a horse was the focal point of the image. Just recently she sold her first 3D piece, “Missing You” to the legend, 3fmusic. Missing you was dedicated to her grandma and is about the feelings of grief when a loved one has passed.

CryptoGal81 is a knowledgeable user of Photoshop and has began to learn Cinema 4D. She hopes in the future to create stunning 3D animations as her knowledge of C4D progresses. Art is a release for her, she finds it relaxing and therapeutic.

”Art can show you what is inside someone’s mind when words just can’t explain or adequately express it”

CryptoGal81 is not only an artist, she also loves to collect NFTs and she has a nice collection including new and established artists.

I have experienced the love and support from CryptoGal81 and want to thank her very much for joining this episode!

Artist of the Week

Week Ten: Daria Klepikova
Twitter: @klepikovadaria
Instagram: Click here
View Artwork: Foundation

Daria got involved in NFTs in a very funny way! She bought a NBA Top Shot pack and realized she could produce a similar outcome. After getting excited about it, she took a dive into the community and enjoyed it a lot since day 1. She wanted to share a photograph with us to tell more about it. This photo has been taken on the railway station.

In this shot, it is no longer her inspiration, but her desire to show how something interesting can be made out of everyday life. Every day people arrive in droves. Some may not even notice what is around them. She wanted to create a shot that went from being ordinary and mundane, to something eye catching. It took a reflection and the right timing to create this shot. To create the reflection, Daria bought a bottle of water and just poured it on the middle of the platform. The shot was taken right before dusk, that’s why the light is so soft. You don’t have to rack your brain every time, sometimes simple actions can create something interesting. Most things are simpler than we imagine.

“Inspiration comes to an inspired person. Therefor, always be open to something new!”

There are many sources of inspiration and for example I was inspired by a good movie, other photographers and classic art. Find your inspiration and start creating, says Daria.

I am very thankful to Daria for joining this episode and also want to thank her for my invite on Foundation 🙂 Much love!

Special introduction:

Jop Kras, 18 years old is living in The Netherlands with a dream!

Jop want to share his story about his just starting journey. 3 years ago Jop started with his study graphic design in Amsterdam. Jop learned a lot about the design part but not really about the marketing of it. When finding out about NFTs, he got interested and researched immediately because this could be useful to reach his goal: to become a professional cyclist and even be THE winner of the Tour de France. After posting his first NFT, it got collected really quick. Jop’s story got shared on Twitter and Clubhouse and after minting his first NFT there was Amir and 3fmusic who wanted to support his dream.

“When the first bid was placed I could not believe it, I got goosebumps all over my body.”

Jop never expected people to believe in him as much as he believes in himself. His journey is just getting started and he hopes more people want to support him through NFTs or just by sending him messages!

Jop left me with a powerful message: I’ll see you in a few years when I make my dream come true!

Keep Rolling


Smiley of the Week

This weeks smiley had been made by Jacob the Reptile

This was all for this week’s column, thanks for being here with me and hopefully till next week!


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