Enjin Room: EnjinStarter Joins the Ecosystem to Help Gaming Studios

Hello all. Welcome to Enjin Room. EnjinStarter and Enjin announced last week that they were officially joining forces in Enjin’s ecosystem development. EnjinStarter’s launchpad will help fledgling game studios raise capital and integrate their games with Enjin’s networks.

EnjinStarter & Gaming

Led by co-founders Prakash Somosundram and Alvin Tang, EnjinStarter is a blockchain gaming launchpad, likened to Kickstarter, that helps fund studios looking to get their games on Enjin’s chains. A strong Token Genesis Event supplied them with a large war chest hovering around $40,000,000 at a fully diluted market cap, with 20% of the tokens being distributed as community rewards.

They want to send games to the moon, and as “ NASA leads our exploration of space, EnjinStarter is driven by humanity’s mission into the ‘worlds beyond worlds’… a new reality for everyone, not just a few,” according to a paragraph in their manifesto displayed alongside an image of a human and a robot shaking hands.

EnjinStarter’s latest project was Defina, an anime-inspired blockchain game who’s $FINA token sale on October 11 sold out in 45 minutes. Twitter user DeFi Chad claimed the game to have “$AXS potential with its play to earn battle system.” The initial sale provided $FINA with a $1.3M market cap, and an initial circulating supply of 2.8M tokens. There will be another sale some time in the future.

Building in the Metaverse & Other Projects

They’ve also backed one of the more interesting projects in the metaverse space, a digital twin of the city Melaka in Singapore built by real estate developer Hatten Land. They seem to be quite literally cloning the city into the computer, and attempting to build “The entire digital economy from the ground up leveraging the power of Blockchain and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs),” according to EnjinStarter’s Medium post.

EnjinStarter also plans to open a regional headquarters, both physically and digitally, in Melaka, according to an article written in The Straits Times. Bryana Kortendick, Enjin’s VP of Communications, stated the two companies will share resources and collaborate on joint projects.

“They may work with projects within our official adopter program, and vice versa. For example, EnjinStarter projects may join our adopter program,” she said, referring to their game development tools to facilitate blockchain integration into games. “In terms of our actual product development, we will stay in close alignment to ensure our products support the needs of projects building on Enjin, like JumpNet smart contracts and future features on JumpNet.”

Shared Roots

Surely gleaned from the shared spelling, the two companies have shared roots, and have already been involved in each others’ projects. Enjin CTO Witek Radomski and CEO Maxim Blagov are both investors in EnjinStarter. The two companies are completely separate, however, according to Kortendick, and “is a separate entity which has our support, much like other partners and early adopters.”

Accelerators and launchpads are a sure fire way of accelerating and launching new products and games, so the Enjin Room is excited to see what EnjinStarter will do for the ecosystem.

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