Enjin Tempts Minecraft Server Owners To NFTs with a New Plugin

Enjin has just released a new plugin for Minecraft server owners, tempting a plethora of new gamers who are likely unware of values that NFTs being, into the space. The plugin, called EnjinCraft, brings the power of blockchain to Minecraft by making it easy to tokenize Minecraft items and integrate them with a server. 

EnjinCraft is built on top of the newly-released Enjin SDK for Java, with some specialized functionality unique to the Minecraft experience. It has many functions, including; integrating blockchain-based Minecraft assets, giving players the ability to link their blockchain wallet to a server, showing players their real-time Enjin Coin and Ethereum balance, allowing players to securely trade blockchain assets peer-to-peer within your server, and many more. 

In order for server owners to utilize the plugin, their server needs to be running Java 8 or higher, the server needs to be connected to the internet, create a project on the Enjin Platform (this will give you the app ID and secret you need to set up the plugin), and tokens integrated must be fungible. The plugin, however, is designed for Spigot 1.13+ and may not function properly on older versions. 

Click here to find out more information about the EnjinCraft plugin.

Image credit: via Enjin

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