Elon Musk Drops His First NFT Techno Single about NFTs

What’s going on in the world? Things seem to be getting stranger by the day. In today’s NFT news, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has released his first techno (can we even call it techno? no offense to the genre) song about NFTs…as an NFT. 

The video of the track features a trophy rotating in the cosmos, with a bunch of shiny “doges” and a golden orb. ‘HODL’ and ‘Computers Never Sleep’ are written on the side, and ‘NFT’ written on the top in shiny, bling letters. The lyrics go something like this:

“Computers Never Sleep,

It’s Verified,

It’s Guaranteed,


For your vani-ty-ty-ty”

Most likely Elon Musk’s hit single won’t break the Beeple record, but what unsuspecting price will his NFT song sell for? Peruggia, who recently purchased a CryptoPunk for $7.5 million, immediately jumped on the train asking where he can place his bid for Musk’s NFT song. 

It’s unclear at the moment whether he has already minted the track and when he will be selling it as Musk didn’t post a link on where to buy his NFT. What’s even more unclear is – when does Musk have time to run Tesla and play around with songs and graphics? Did he really make this? 

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