EllioTrades Drops a CryptoPunk Collection

Time for EllioTrades and SuperFarm community members to own a piece of NFT history! 

Last week SuperFarm introduced participants to its own NFT metaverse called The SUPERVERSE. And today they are unveiling the first NFT drop within The SUPERVERSE. The first SUPEVERSE NFT drop will be for the EllioTrades community. 

The EllioTrades CryptoPunk collection will be released today (Monday February 15th) at 12PM PST on OpenSea. SuperFarm has an official account and has listed its OpenSea account handle to help buyers avoid CryptoPunk scams. So make sure that this is the ETH address you’re purchasing from: 0x88315564D9ba67357f3644c76340168AE904B924.

This drop will be different to the usual NFT drops. It’s the first NFT drop that will fuse community governance with NFTs by unlocking items inside immersive video games. Each EllioTrades CryptPunk NFT will also come with SUPER token airdrops which give holders unique privileges on the SuperFarm platform. 

Each holder will receive a different amount of SUPER tokens depending on the card’s rarity and variant. At the launch, there will be four rarities of each card. Each rarity has its own characteristics, it represents different total quantity, voting power, and utility on the SuperFarm platform. 

Only half of the total supply for each card will be sold during the launch. The other half of the cards will be available for farming with SUPER tokens after the platform’s launch. 

Click here to find out more about the complete collection auction and the schedule for the SUPER token airdrops.

Photo credit: via EllioTrades and SuperFarm

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