New ‘Dutchtide’ Convenience Store in CryptoVoxels

Dutchtide, who is well known in the NFT community for some of his truly epic digital homes, has just launched his latest build in CryptoVoxels called ‘Dutchtide Convenience.’ If you’ve been following him for a while, you’ll know that just yesterday he sold out his latest ‘Tide Estates’ collection on DontBuyMeme in no time.

The store is located on 17 Strawberry Trail on Parcel 4711. When you enter the parcel you’ll be greeted by some elevated cosmic and kind-of-eerie yet relaxing tunes (much better than real-life convenience store music).  

On the first floor there is a display of some of Dutchtide’s superbly crafted 3D models, make sure to click on the wall mounted designs where more information will pop up about the estate design along with some more juicy music. In case you need to wash your clothes, there’s also a cool laundromat to the left of the building, pretty convenient. Check out the screenshots below of the first floor.



The second floor will be used as an auction floor where unique pieces of Dutchtide’s collection will be auctioned off, so stay tuned for that!


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