Drag-Drop-Build-WIN! – Decentralands 900k MANA ($29k) Building Competition

Up until now, only developers with technical know how, 3D design and coding knowledge have been able to build in Decentraland. This has obviously been a barrier to entry for most, leaving LAND owners and investors frustrated at not being able to unleash their creativity on the platform.
In March 2019 this problem will become a thing of the past.

Introducing “The Builder” Tool

Decentraland developers are taking some of the core functionality provided by the ​SDK 5.0​, and making it available in an easy-to-use editor, accessible directly from your web browser.
“The Builder” tool will comprise of hundreds of pre-built 3D models and assets which will be simple to use, even with little or no tech experience.

The Competition

To celebrate the launch of the new Builder tool, Decentraland are launching an epic competition with a very generous prize pot. This is likely to trigger a building frenzy on a scale that could make Dubai’s building project look like child’s play.

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Competition Overview

Prize Pool: 900,000 MANA + 50 LAND Parcels

Start Date: March 18th

Duration: 2 weeks

Judging Time: 1 week

How to Register: Submit your email at https://contest.decentraland.org

Who Can Enter: Anybody. If you can drag & drop you qualify

Do I Need to Own LAND: No

Max Entries Per Person: 20

Who Chooses The Winners: An expert judging panel

More Official Info: Click Here

Who Wins? Everybody Wins!!

Every scene submitted (meeting minimum quality requirements) will win 100 MANA!
The best 50 scenes will each win 1 plot of Decentraland LAND + a share of the overall prize pool below:
First place:      200000 MANA (approx $6500)
Second place: 150000 MANA (approx $4800)
Third place:     100000 MANA (approx $3200)
Fourth place:    50000 MANA (approx $1600)
Fifth place:       25000 MANA (approx $800)
The remaining 45 finalists will each receive LAND and 7500 MANA (approx $240) each.
Some examples have already been created behind the scenes in the Builder tool by the Decentraland team.

Final Thought

Good luck to everybody taking part! Here is the link to the official registration page once more:
This is the perfect way to launch the new Builder tool. After storing up all that creativity for over a year, it is now time to let it run wild.
DCL Plazas will be covering the competition designs closely. If you haven’t already done so, consider joining up to our weekly newsletter to stay upto date here.

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