Celebrity Doja Cat Drops Her Own Juicy NFT Marketplace

Doja Cat, American rapper, singer, and songwriter (and also known to many as a “skilled internet troll”), is joining the latest celebrity trend – NFTs. In the past few weeks we’ve seen Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, ASAP Rocky, and Eminem, among many others, drop an NFT, and Doja Cat was not going to be left behind, except, she’s not content with just an NFT drop, she’s dropping a whole NFT marketplace called ‘Juicy Drops’ on April 23rd. 

To celebrate the launch of the platform, the first drop will feature Doja herself. The collection features seven different color variations with varying quantities and price points. There are three categories in the collection called Metallic, Flavored, and Mystery. The Metallic drops include rare Platinum, Gold, and Silver artworks. The NFT auction for the artworks will take place on OpenSea.

Apparently, Doja’s NFTs were inspired by her performance at last month’s Grammy Awards, and include a collection of 3D graphics that come with a spinning, metallic depiction of her, and a separate image of her cat. 

I’m helping to launch my NFT company so that I can actually own and control my art,” said Doja. “I want to be able to make all decisions related to my creative vision and help other artists do the same. My ownership also allows me to direct how we can give back to causes that I truly believe in.”

Get your Juicy Drop here.

Image credit: via Juicy Drops

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