District X Finally Showing Progress in Decentraland

Since inception, one of the biggest and most anticipated Decentraland districts has been District X. Originally proposed to be Decentralands version of the Amsterdam Red Light District, unfortunately it has ended up as one of the few districts which has experienced frighteningly poor management resulting in a strategy which has had less direction than the Titanic. If you add to the mix a refusal from leaders to invest any of their own capital, then its clear to see why this district has hit inevitable delays.

However, rather encouragingly, it now looks like things may finally be getting off the ground. A recent post by talented builder Rizk Gh on Twitter showed the very first meaningful building inside District X, which includes a skyscraper, monorail, hot air balloon and even a Lamborghini ride.

This build doesn’t really give away too much as to the direction of the district and what to expect in the future (adult material or not) . Pornography in Decentraland is inevitable, so our hope is that the leadership will choose to stick to the original plan so as to help encourage all X rated material stays in one place, instead of being scattered around and winding up as a nuisance in your neighbourhood.

Whatever happens, we are looking forward to seeing District X continue to push forward with building out their mammoth district.

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