Round 2 of Staking 2019 Car NFTs on F1® Delta Time

Round 2 of staking will start on 22nd of February (tomorrow) and end on the 23rd of March. 

F1® Delta Time launched the first round of 2019 Car NFT Staking in 2020. Players who staked their 2019 car NFTs earned a noticeable amount of REVV. Players earned a total of 2,040,000 REVV. You can read more about the full details of the first round of staking here

F1® Delta Time will run round 2 of 2019 Car NFT Staking with a total of 2,000,000 REVV available to be earned. These 2,000,000 REVV will be supplied by the 2019 Car NFT Staking Pool.

For round 2, the same smart contract will be used with a few non-contract based changes. 

You’ll be able to stake 2019 car NFTs and batch-stake so that you can send as many 2019 cars as you want to the staking contract. You’ll need to manually claim your earned REVV which will only be available for claiming after round 2 ends on the 23rd of March. Another thing to note is that cars that are staked are locked for 24 hours cannot be unstaked or restaked until the 24 hours have passed. 

To find out more about the schedule, unlocking REVV rewards, and what is different in round 2, click here

Photo credit: via F1® Delta Time

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