DeGacha Partners Up with Renowned Artist ‘Seerlight’

Doki Doki has teamed up with the talented and popular illustrator and animator, SeerLight, for a new release on DeGacha. The collaboration will feature a DeGacha machine called “Lo-fi Dreams,” which will include a special collection consisting of 29 artworks from SeerLight. 

DeGacha is a thrilling digital blockchain equivalent to the physical Gachapon Machines which are crazy popular and can be found all over Japan. Gachapon Machines contain a variety of small collectibles in plastic capsules. Players put a few coins, rotate the handle, and receive a random collectible within a capsule. DeGacha works much in the same way, but instead of collectible toys, players receive collectible NFTs. Pretty cool, addictive, and it enhances the collectible aspect of NFTs. Plus, DeGacha Machines have incredible aesthetically-pleasing designs! You can apply for your own machine over here. 

Ronald Kuang aka SeerLight has established himself as one of the most prominent animators and illustrators. He has over 650K followers on Instagram, and his unique anime-style artworks take the viewer into a world of fairytales, magic and beauty. 

At the moment, only a teaser announcement has been posted, so make sure to follow SeerLight and Doki Doki Finance on Twitter for further details which will be released in the next few days.

Image credit: via “SeerLight”

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