Decentralands 10 Day Art Festival Starts Today

Turn off your TV, dial down your radio and fire up your computer. Its time to escape the real world and rediscover that tingly feeling of excitement by tuning in to the biggest Crypto Art Festival the metaverse has ever seen.

Starting today, June 19th 2020, Decentraland will be hosting a 10 day long Art Festival showcasing all the talented artists who have been creating smiles, inspiration and sunshine in what has otherwise been a tempestuous 2020.

Peruse the galleries, meet new friends, collect NFT freebies, take part in challenges and explore another world. All this adds up to making this event truly unmissable, and after the success of the first ever Art Festival in Decentraland which was hosted by DCL Plazas, extensive coverage of this bigger and better extravaganza will be running throughout.

Genesis City Art Week will also be a celebration to mark the arrival of some of the biggest and most reputable brands in the NFT space. SuperRare, Makersplace, Mintbase, Opensea and many others, will all be opening the doors to their very own virtual art galleries for the first time.

As well as official events, there will be a whole host of smaller exhibitions being run by artists setting up their own galleries and taking full advantage of being able to display their artworks in innovative and creative ways like never before possible.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Mariachi Hat, pull up your Jester Leggings and buckle up those Shoes of Wonder that you only wear for special occasions… the opening party is tonight at 8pm UTC in Genesis Plaza (0,0)

For more information about individual events you can also check out the Decentraland events page here.

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