Decentraland Wearables – A Sneak Peak at Some NEW Design Proposals

Recently it was announced that Decentraland would be continuing trialing and testing community created wearables with it’s somewhat restrictive ‘licensing’ approach. This method requires fashionistas and potential creators to apply for an official license in order to have the right to create usable avatar clothing accessories.

Despite restrictions, the first round of 5 licensees made this approach a great success, introducing a wide range of innovative new wearables which were carefully sewn together and minted, eventually culminating in a brilliant fashion show held in the popular Crypto Valley district.

decentraland fashion show 1

Now a further 10 licenses are up for grabs. Anyone can apply for a license so long as they adhere to the guidelines set out in this official article, but you’ll have to be quick, all applications need to be submitted before 31st August 2020.

Awarding a License

Last time the Decentraland team simply chose who did and didn’t get a license without any consultation with the community, but this time, license winners will be voted for in a more democratic way by allowing the community to vote for their favourites using the old skool Agora voting tool.

Early Entries

Demand is always high for the newest Decentraland wearables, which usually means winning designers stand to make a boat load of crypto in exchange for their pimping prowess. As a result, applications have already started to flood in and below are a few of the best early entries which have already been leaked out into the community:

Chinese Traditional Apparel

Designer: imoasis
Brief Description: Chinese traditional dress has a long culture of 5000 years. This is a perfect interpretation of tradition and technology, culture and technology.
View full application HERE


Tech Tribal

Designer: Marc0matic
Brief Description: Tech Tribal is a collection inspired by several aspects of human civilisation, infusing ancient generational designs, patterns and garments with technologically advanced gear and gadgetry.
View full application HERE



Designer: Cybermike
Cybermike is a long standing builder within the community, producing a number of top quality scenes often with a dystopian feel. It would be great to see him get the opportunity to diversify into wearables.
View full application HERE

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite designers on Agora when all the qualifying entries are released by Decentraland soon!

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