Auction & LAND Sales – Decentraland Stats, Facts & Info you NEED to Know

“How can I buy unowned LAND?”, “sir, when next auction?” and “What are the black squares on the map?”

These are all daily questions which will thankfully be no more, once the upcoming community vote (starting on Monday 29th October) has ended. All MANA holders will be entitled to vote on the answer to these very questions, using Decentraland’s Agora voting tool.

The previous Decentraland auction was addictive, to say the least. Back then, there was no historical data, people were punting on promises. However, after almost a year, the next auction is likely upon us, and this time it can be supported by Decentraland stats, data and market activity over the last 10 months.

In this article there is a range of Decentraland stats, facts & info you need to know to devise your own strategy come auction time.

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dcl-logo-head  The First Decentraland Auction – December 2017


Total amount of LAND parcels sold


Total amount of MANA spent during the last auction

– Highest priced LAND parcel sold for 582,090 MANA

– Lowest priced LAND parcel sold for 1,000 MANA (Many sold at this price)

– All MANA used in the auction was burnt and removed from circulation, therefore decreasing supply

Info – During the auction, bidding was fun, fast and furious, then eventually each parcel found its true value.

Fact – The rules in this auction were that your winning bid needed to hold for 24 hours in order to win the LAND parcel. If you were outbid in this time, then the 24 hour clock would restart. There was no official end date to the auction. The auction continued until all parcels were sold with no further bids beating the previous. It is still unclear whether this method will be the same in the second Decentraland auction.

dcl-logo-head  The Second Decentraland Auction – Either Q4 2018 or Q1 2019


Total amount of unowned LAND parcels available for purchase at auction


Price that all individual LAND auctions will start at (in MANA)

– All MANA used in the auction will be burnt and removed from circulation, further decreasing supply

Info – The majority of LAND being sold in this auction is not regarded as “premium”, which means it has little proximity to roads, districts and plazas. However, there are many existing LAND owners looking to buy unowned LAND parcels which are adjacent to LAND they already own. This will enable them to create an Estate (adjoining parcels together), and increase the value of their current assets.

Fact – Owning adjacent LAND parcels enables you to form an Estate. This permits the owner to build a much higher, elaborate structure. Estates tend to command a much higher price when being resold on the marketplace.

dcl-logo-head  The Marketplace – Launched in March 2018


The current average LAND price (sales) in the past 7 days (in MANA)


The current average LAND price (sales) in the past 30 days (in MANA)

– The largest amount ever paid for 1 parcel of LAND was 2,000,000 MANA

– The largest amount ever paid for a Decentraland Estate was 1,300,000 MANA

Info – All LAND prices vary drastically by location. Proximity to roads, districts and plazas is likely to increase the value of each LAND.

Fact – Had you bought 1 LAND in the first auction for 1000 MANA, in a very quiet, non-premium location, then more than likely you would have received a 15 fold increase on your investment.The recent selling price for these types of locations has been around 15000 MANA.

Check non fungibles for all latest data here

dcl-logo-head  MANA Token Stats


Total MANA supply currently


Total circulating MANA supply (excluding Decentraland Wallet)

Info: During the community vote concerning the next auction date, voting power will be aligned with your MANA holding. This means the more MANA you hold, the more weight your vote will have.  MANA has also held its value during harsh crypto market conditions. It battles bears. Here are 13 reasons why you should buy MANA.

Fact: The price of MANA spiked during the auction, due to many people being outbid and having to purchase more tokens to rebid on their desired LAND.

Fact: You can only bid and buy LAND with Decentraland MANA token.

Thanks to Decentraliser of my-dcl.com and nonfungible.com for the data in this article.

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