How Decentraland LAND Investors Are Boosting Small Game & Design Studios

If you didn’t already know, Decentraland is brand new virtual world, built on the blockchain, which has been in development for over 2 years. In less than 1 month, it will open it’s doors to the public for the very first time. (New here? Read more about Decentraland)

Building a New World

To give an idea of the task ahead, Decentraland is made up of slightly over 90,000 LAND parcels, each 16m x 16m in size, all of which are provably owned on the blockchain by investors looking to bring their creative ideas, projects and businesses alive in this new, decentralized world.
At the time of writing, 27,874 LAND parcels have content built on them. Whilst there is no urgent rush, if you do the maths, that still leaves a LOT of building work to be completed at some point.

Breaking Down Barriers

The Decentraland development team has gone to great lengths to create all the necessary tools to allow investors to build on their LAND. There is the SDK, which is designed for developers who have experience in code and programming, and the Builder tool, which allows LAND owners who don’t have any coding or 3D modelling skills to build out a scene by using a simple drag and drop editor, with both static and dynamic, prebuilt assets.
However, there is still a segment of the community that both of these options doesn’t help…. investors who are cash or crypto rich, but time poor. Currently, the cheapest price for just 1 parcel of LAND on the Decentraland Marketplace is $430+. This tends to suggest that this segment makes up quite a large proportion of Decentraland investors.

Satisfying Demand

A lack of time and necessary skills has inevitably opened up a big opportunity which several, forward thinking game and design studios have been more than willing to step up and help fill the gap. It’s fair to say their decisions have been rewarded.
Polygonal Mind (PM) a creative development studio based out of Zaragoza, Spain, was one of the first to spot the opportunity in Decentraland. In an honest article published recently, CEO ToxSam explains how funds were running so low that in October 2018 he was forced to make cuts and downsize the office.
However, following a chance conversation about Decentraland, if we fast forward to 2019 it is clear that PM is now very much thriving, largely due to offering top quality creative services to investors in Decentraland, and weaving his business into the fabric of the community:
“This has been a great revenue stream for the studio, I managed to grow from a 3 person team to a 7 person team.”
CEO ToxSam – Polygonal Mind (View Website)
If you wanted an example of just how talented the PM studio is, you don’t have to look far. This futuristic style, DCL Transit system design speaks for itself:

The added value that this type of quality content created by Polygonal Mind (and other studios and freelancers) brings to Decentraland landscape is unarguable.

If you are a freelancer or part of an upcoming creative design, 3D modelling or gaming studio then digest this: There are still over 60,000+ LAND parcels which are still to publish content. Hence, there is certainly plenty of work to go around.
Skills in demand are 3D modelling (Blender), game developers, creative artists, Typescript, programmers, blockchain related skills, and much more.
You can also list your skill set for hire either at or why not join the official Decentraland Discord and post in the #hiring channel.

So, when will you join the Decentraland community and play your part in building a new, revolutionary, decentralized world?

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