Decentraland Shopping Malls To Offer Early Economic Boost?

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In recent months the entire Decentraland community has been focused on building content for the metaverse. Everything from spaceships, dragons and dancing Donald Trumps has been created by both expert and novice builders alike.
However, what has gone relatively unnoticed is a steady flow of buildings being created which have been designed specifically for existing web-shop owners, entrepreneurs and creatives to open their own virtual store within Decentraland…without the need to own any LAND.
Shopping malls are a cost effective and efficient way of keeping build costs low for LAND owners, operating costs down for store owners, and more importantly offering a wide variety of choice for consumers, all in a relatively small space. This reasoning has clearly had a big influence on some of the 3D models which are starting to appear from some talented 3D modelers.

The Decentrazaar

Created by archonomous, this purpose built Decentraland Shopping Mall has been designed in a jigsaw-like fashion in that it comprises of several plots, each different in size, design and layout. What makes this design extra special is that as well as being perfect for large LAND owners who wish to sublet individual stores, it can also be pulled apart and placed as individual smaller stores, therefore it would also be suitable for LAND owners who are looking to open a shop, but own smaller plots of LAND.
You can click here for more details about the Decentrazaar.
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The VRS District Mall

The Virtual Reality Shopping district set out to create a large shopping mall right from the very beginning and is well on it’s way to achieving that. In the past few weeks, this district has really started to come to life and will eventually offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to rent a unit within their exciting complex. There will also be the opportunity to advertise on large billboards within the district, which adds an extra level to the whole shopping experience.

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Final Thought

As the first Decentraland Game Jam gets closer, it would be great to see even more innovation in this area.

There is still some way to go to figuring out the functionality in the back end that would make certain processes possible e.g. individual subletting of LAND or shop units, sales processing for both digital and IRL products etc. If this isn’t developed soon, then delays are likely, and slower growth will ensue.

One thing is for certain, if Decentraland is to create a flourishing economy and encourage the use of it’s MANA token within the metaverse, then Ecommerce will play a fundamental role in its success.

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