Get a “Virtual Bouncer” as Decentraland Security Becomes Priority

For a long time now, moderating and keeping bad actors out of Decentraland, or at the very least, limiting their impact, has been a complex problem to solve due to the decentralized nature of Decentraland. In fact, we’ve been talking about this challenge since 2018 here at NFT Plazas.

However, a recent announcement from the official dev team shows thats this problem is on its way to be solved. Some awesome new updates have been introduced in Decentraland, and one of them is the new “virtual bouncer” option. Here’s a quick rundown of the latest changes and improvements, and what the “virtual bouncer does.”

In total, there are two new additions to Decentraland’s scene examples. One of the scenes is an example for hosts of social gatherings who need to moderate misbehaving participants and trolls, and it demonstrates how a “virtual bouncer” can be used to keep problematic players in line. 

The scene shows how special admin users can grant special abilities to other admin users, how to teleport a player to specific coordinates in the scene, how to toggle the showing and hiding of UIs with global buttons, and much more. Check out what the digital bouncer can do over here. This is a very useful feature for events where you might want to grant an admin user special abilities to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The second scene example is a demo of Atari arcade cabinets with playable variations of the classic Breakout game developed and published by Atari. View the scene here

Fortmatic is now also integrated and supported across all of Decentraland’s dApps. So you can log in with just a mobile number or email address using a Fortmatic account. 

For more information, click here

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