Decentraland Partners Up with Polygon to Conquer Gas Fees

Decentraland announced its integration with Ethereum Layer 2 project, Polygon, in a blog post yesterday. This certainly comes as a relief for all Decentraland users, considering the rising gas fees and congested Ethereum network. The L2 solution will enable users to move native $MANA tokens to Polygon and back. By transferring tokens to a sidechain link to the Ethereum blockchain, transactions will be significantly faster and gas fees low to non-existent. 

As of today, the Decentraland dapps suite now features an account portal where you can move your MANA from the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon’s Matic Network (and back),” the post states.

A recent integration with Transak will also allow users to buy $MANA tokens with a credit card directly from the accounts page by clicking the ‘Buy’ button.

The team is working on a large-scale plan and slowly integrating all Decentraland dApps with Polygon, including their Builder and Marketplace contracts. When complete, users will be able to claim, buy, sell, and trade wearables for their avatars entirely on Polygon, with no transaction fees.

Polygon (previously Matic) is a leader in providing scalability solutions to Ethereum’s high gas fees. They have recently integrated with major companies such as OpenSea, Zapper and Aave. 

Read the full announcement here.

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