Decentraland Spotlight Series: #8 Museum

The Museum district was one of the first districts to create a space which really stands out in Decentraland. It has been designed in a way which is smart, slick and easy to navigate, putting exhibiting artists at the core of its layout. As crypto art has experienced a surge of activity and interest of late, this district is perfectly placed to become a welcoming home to this creative side of the NFT community. Learn more below…

Name of Project: Museum District
Website / Social: @museumdistrict_dcl on Instagram
Decentraland HQ: 13, 75
Snapshot: Art platform for crypto art and traditional artists
Creators: We are a small team of 3d designers and devs, you can reach us on Discord @holodot or @Marcellus
Favourite Cheese?  Belgian
Satoshi or Vitalik? None
LAND or MANA? Both

How did you find out about Decentraland?
MD: Friends in common with the team and crypto enthusiast.

What first attracted you to Decentraland?
MD: Blockchain version of Second Life seems like a great idea! Ive also worked in 3D a lot in my career.

What do you consider to be the biggest selling points for Decentraland?
MD: Graphics and capabilities of the platform are great, vision is also great. Great potential for very powerful experiences.

What is the Museum district?
MD: A platform within Decentraland to showcase art from the district community, renowned artists and anyone interested.

What are you currently working on?
MD: We are working on a crypto-art marketplace, onboarding artists, talking to museums & galleries so they can have a presence in the district.

What goals do you have for the Museum?
MD: Be the biggest art community in DCL

What exciting things should we look out for from you in the coming months?
MD: In-world artists explaining their work to their audience, A crypto-art marketplace, and some other secret ideas for artists!

Where do you hope to see the Museum in 2 years time?
MD: I hope to see the district developing partnerships with key art entities around the world, provide a great place to our community to showcase their work and innovate in how artists engage with their audience and interact with a virtual gallery.

Will Decentraland become the lively metaverse we are all hoping for?
MD: I guess we’ll soon know!

DCL Plazas would like to thank the Museum district team for taking the time out to participate in this series, and wishing you the best of luck with all your upcoming art projects and exhibitions.

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