Decentraland Launch Epic New In-Game Construction Utility

Metaverse giants Decentraland continue their rapid ascent with the introduction of a brand new in-world building interface.

The much-anticipated upgrade gives LAND owners the flexibility to edit scenes directly within their digital real-estate. Consequently, anyone given the authority to do so, can create epic digital scenes effortlessly within the Decentraland landscape. To this end, you too can see your designs come to life in the metaverse.

With this welcome addition, any scene designed and created using the existing builder is now manageable directly via the console. Just click on the build icon, and you’re away. To get those creative juices flowing, Decentraland have provided two themes, Steampunk and Western. For now, the new builder doesn’t support scenes created using the SDK method, but Decentraland will integrate this ability in a future upgrade.

It’s still early days for the new building mechanism however, as the functionality is in its Beta phase. Going forward, plans are in motion for it to integrate the functionality of the existing builder, eventually replacing it altogether. When fully rolled out, the well-oiled machine will prove to be a mighty addition to the Decentraland framework.

Got some LAND burning a hole in your metaverse? Why not spin up the Decentraland servers and give the new builder a whirl.

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