Introducing The DCL Art Festival + Decentraland Digital Art NFT’s

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DCL Plazas has now been writing independent news about Decentraland for over 2 years, so it would be criminal not to put on a show of our own to help celebrate the Decentraland launch in style!
Presenting DCL Art Festival, a range of over 17 exhibits of top digital artists from around the world, who have all partnered with DCL Plazas to celebrate their fabulous artistic styles throughout the new network of DCL Plazas kiosks, each located in top locations throughout Decentraland.

You can teleport directly into all your favourite artists exhibitions at the click of a button, using our Interactive Map HERE.

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Below are some taster images of various artworks which are currently being displayed in Decentraland. However, the kiosks dynamically rotate, so for a more immersive experience, we would like to encourage you to visit Decentraland and view the kiosks for yourself…maybe even take a selfy!
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What are these kiosks?
When the art exhibition comes to an end on the 29th February, each kiosk will then display a wide range of the best locations to visit in Decentraland, coupled with relevant ads and cool events that are happening in Decentraland.
These kiosks should be your guide, your ‘go-to’ place to spawn in and immediately get the info you need, preventing you from wandering around aimlessly and wondering what to do, so don’t forget to bookmark the locations.

Limited Edition, Commemorative “Decentraland Launch” NFT Art – Now at Auction on Opensea!

View & Place a Bid Here! >>
Bidding ends this coming Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.
To further support the DCL Art Festival, we have created something new and unique, only available from DCL Plazas.
There will only ever be 1 Decentraland launch, so after several months of working with a talented digital artist, DCL Plazas has created 3 special animated NFT digital artwork designs to mark the occasion.
Named ‘A Blank State’ , ‘Original Cosmos’ and ‘Global Gathering’, these carefully crafted artworks will become valuable collectors pieces in years to come. Right now, you can help support DCL Plazas, but more importantly own a part of Decentraland history, by bidding on your favorite(s) on Opensea (an official sponsor for the DCL Art Festival).
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But wait, it get’s better…

Finally, in the not so distant future, a very limited amount of Augmented Reality Canvas Wall Art Editions will be made available. You can watch as the printed artwork moves on your wall at home, simply by using your cell phone and a free to download AR app.
The winning bidder of NFT #1 of each of the 3 designs will be entitled to a free print to hang on your wall at home. The winners of #2 and #3 NFT’s will be first in line to purchase one, should they wish.
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Don’t Forget To Place a bid! >>
Bidding ends this coming Sunday, Monday & Tuesday.


We hope you choose to visit and further support all the artists involved in DCL Art Festival 2020. Their work is something which should be celebrated in every corner of the metaverse, and instil inspiration, creativity and confidence in all that see it.
Last, but not least, we would like to send a huge amount of gratitude to CoinGecko for being our Main Sponsor for this event, and Opensea for sponsoring our central plaza kiosk (the start point of the festival). Without forward thinking companies like these supporting us, this event might not have been possible.
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In the coming weeks there will be meetups and events springing up in Decentraland. To stay up to date, consider…
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Thank you for your support, and see you in Decentraland!
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