Decentraland GameJam Results 2019 – Winner, Winner, Farmyard Dinner

After a teasing few days of releasing the results of GameJam 2019, Decentraland has now officially announced that Poly View Farm, created by community member Nycolas, has scooped the top prize of 350,000 MANA + LAND.

Over the course of 2 weeks, over 2000 designers and programmers from around the globe blocked out all traces of sunlight, put their favourite pizza delivery on speed dial, and got to work on creating their scenes.

The quality of entries exceeded all expectations, and everybody who took part should be truly proud of what they have achieved. They have helped form what will be a sound base from which to build from, and give a real feel of what Decentraland will be like and the possibilities that lay ahead.

Below is a list of the top 20 winning entries, with simple to follow links so you too can experience these fantastic designs, even without Beta access:

1: Poly View Farm:
2: Enchanted Wood:
3: Koko Jones:
4: Mana Fever:
5: Pac Runner:
6: Retrover:
7: Solar System Museum:
8: Serenity Casino:
9: Carnival:
10: Neo Arcadia:
11: Paths:,125
12: Spyderpunk:
13: Crypto Solitaire:
14: Cybermike’s Dystopia:
15: Crab Racer:
16: Jammingland:
17: Greatest Treasure:
18: Museum District:
19: World Simulation:
20: Calmness is the Cradle of Power:

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