Decentraland Estates Are Hot Property ~$109,000 Sales In Only 2 Weeks

Sales of Decentraland estates (2 or more adjacent parcels of virtual LAND) are experiencing an upsurge in demand. Over the past few 2 weeks alone, 4 and 5 figure $USD sales have become commonplace as investors scramble to pick up some early bargains prior to the long-awaited Decentraland launch, rumoured to be Q1 2020.

At the time of writing:

Period: 6th – 20th December 2019

Total Sales (Estates Only): 3,622,373 MANA

Total Sales in USD: $109,287

Point to note: Each sale has been to a unique address. This is not one whale buying in mass. Also, these figures do not include sales of individual LAND parcels.

Snapshot Source:


After the previous GameJam and Creator Contest, it is becoming increasingly obvious that in order to build a stand out scene, it helps to have space. There is a finite amount of LAND on which to build within Decentraland, and even less so when you consider the amount of estates actually available for sale, particularly those which are 10+ LAND in size.

Taking into account that a large proportion of estates are either not for sale, have started building on their LAND already, or have a strategy in place in which to monetize it, then it’s easy to see how investors are weighing up the risks involved in spending such large amounts on virtual LAND vs the potential reward should Decentraland become a success. Scarcity is also truly coming into play here.

Solid Bet?

The fact that Decentraland LAND sales are still going strong after all this time, even without a finished product, shows that investors still see true value in owning and investing in LAND.

Decentraland has now been way over 2 years in development, but finally we are seeing some great progress being made. The closed beta version of the virtual world is improving by the day, more and more users are creating avatars and exploring, and all in all, there is a positive buzz around the community leading into Christmas.

Below is a short clip of the Gamer Plaza to get a feel for how the world is looking right now. You can also view and vote for your favourite Creator Contest entries here.

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  • Mr Justas Kuksts
    Posted December 21, 2019 4:36 am 0Likes

    It looks very nice. =) Easy controls and manual

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