Decentraland Dragon City Fires Up District Ownership Token Model

Contributors to Decentraland’s Dragon City district can now collect their equity share tokens.

Dragon City district is 6485 LAND in size making it the third largest Decentraland district behind Aetheria and Vegas City.
Each contributor (who invested in the district back in December 2017) will receive 1000 ‘District Community Tokens’ (DCT’s) per 1 LAND contribution (ERC-20), which means there will be a total of 6,485,000 tokens in circulation.
These DCT’s will then each represent the size of dividend from district profits that the owner will receive, and also serve as weighting of votes within the community.
If you contributed to the Dragon City district, you can now read the token collection process.
If you didn’t already contribute, read on for more information about investing in this district.

More Details

Dragon City is the first Decentraland district to open up this model of ownership distribution, and we may well see other districts follow suit in the coming months depending on how the district leaders decided to organise their communities.

Some other interesting insights into the Dragon City ownership model:

  • There will only ever be 6,485,000 tokens. No tokens will ever be added, or destroyed.

  • Tokens can only be collected by the landlord (contributor).

  • Each 1/1000th represents a true % ownership on every piece of LAND. This means that in theory, each individual parcel of LAND within the district could have 1000 unique owners.

  • There is no time limit set to collect your DCT (district community tokens).

  • Even unclaimed DCT’s will continue to accrue their portion of district profits, even if left unclaimed.

  • This ownership model encourages increasing accessibility for non-contributors to buy in, which in turn should attract new entrepreneurs and developers to have an invested interest in the success of the district.

  • It is still unclear if these DCT’s can be traded at the present moment, but highly likely they will be able to be bought and sold, peer-to-peer, in the not so distant future.

The District Build

Unless Chinese is your first language, there hasn’t really been much exposure or insight into the community progress.

However, an official blog post shows that the district leaders and community have clearly been working extensively within the Asian community, with the announcement that they already have a few basic working games in place, a clear vision for the aesthetic of the district, and plans for much more including advanced gaming experiences and a full VR shopping experience.

For more information about Dragon City district you can visit their website or check out a brief overview.

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Contact the Dragon City team at:

Disclaimer: Some information in this article has been translated and interpreted from Chinese. Please do your own research before investing or claiming tokens by translating and reading the official website yourself.

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