Decentraland Introduces Gas-Less DAO

Earlier today, the Decentraland Foundation announced the release of a new and upgraded implementation of the DAO, which will make it more affordable, accessible and useful for all metaverse users. A long awaited step in the right direction towards a fully accessible, decentralized governance model.

Let’s start with the best news – the new DAO uses Snapshot, a gas-less voting platform, so creating and voting on proposals will be fast and efficient with no expensive transaction fees. Users no longer have to wrap their assets in order to participate. The DAO looks at the total balance of LAND and MANA at the moment a new proposal is created to determine how much a person’s vote will be weighted for that particular proposal.

The DAO has also been redesigned so it is easier to understand and use, and the flow of creating proposals has been streamlined. Forum topics are now automatically generated and linked to from the DAO for every poll, helping to foster deeper and more productive debate within the community.

As many will know, community grants funded by the DAO have been lurking in the background for a while now, and with the new gas-less system, the first proposal for a grants framework has been posted. In short, the Foundation has proposed that the community grants be organized into categories and tiers. Check out and vote on the proposal here.

And on a final note, the Foundation is also re-posting a proposal for a Curation Committee tasked with moderating submitted wearable collections in the upcoming Wearables Editor.

This is certainly the start of a promising new beginning for the community and for the future of Decentraland users. This new system will now allow the community to propose and create additional categories and features to gain more control over the platform, all at zero cost.

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Image credit: via Decentraland

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