Decentraland Creator Contest Results 2019 – Two Towers Stand Tall

The results are in for the Decentraland creator contest 2019. The winning scene, named “After The Flood: Two Towers” came in first place winning 200,000 MANA + LANDs.
Each builder competition has had a slight twist, and this one was no different. The criteria set was that only scenes built using the Builder Tool would qualify (drag and drop pre-made assets) and also each qualifying scene must have some dynamic elements to it.
Once again, the volume of entries exceeded expectations and produced some quality scenes which will be added in various locations throughout the Decentraland map.
There were a total of 45 winners, and below is a list of the top 10 winning entries, with easy to follow links so you too can experience these fantastic designs, even without Beta access.

Top 5

1st Place (approx. $10k in MANA and LAND): After The Floods : Two Towers
How to play: You must descend to ascend. You must exit to enter. Can you save us, O geometer?
2nd Place (approx. $7k in MANA and LAND) : Dreach-Fhoula, Tainted Blood
Explanation: It was, and still is, reputedly inhabited by blood-drinking, shape-shifting fairies.
3rd Place (approx. $5k in MANA and LAND):  Toki Land
How to play: Toki Land has been taken over by the Evil Snowman and his Little Helpers. Can you collect all 30 gold coins and defeat the Evil Snowman?
4th Place (approx. $2k in MANA and LAND):  The Crystal Craze
How to play: 4 zones to complete to reach the Crystal Dome and complete the Crystal Craze.
5th Place (approx. $1.5k in MANA and LAND):  Space Odyssey – Escape Game 
How to play: Do you have what it takes to escape the A.I. System “HAL9000” ?

Top 6-10 (Each winning a prize of 10,000 MANA + LAND)

The Cat Came Back
Present Predicament
The Path of Awakening
Fantasy World of Endless Time
Techno Oasis

To view the rest of the winners you can view the official Decentraland blog release here.
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