HURRY! Decentraland Competition Starts on Monday! – Drag-Drop-Build-WIN $$$

On Monday 18th March 2019, the official Decentraland building competition will begin. If you know how to drag a file on a computer from one place to another, then you qualify to enter, and it’s as easy as that.

You DO NOT need to own LAND in Decentraland to enter, anybody can join and have fun building a 3D scene, with the possibility of winning a share of the 900,000 MANA prize pot (approx $29,000) + one of many parcels of LAND also up for grabs.

Even more enticing is the fact that everybody will compete on a level playing field, as no coding or extra development is permitted for competition entries. Simply create a scene from the library of beautifully crafted, low poly items.

>> Click here for more information about the structure of the competition, as well as some example scenes built by Decentraland.
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