Decentraland Spotlight Series: #6 Barter Town

Continuing with number #6 in the Decentraland Spotlight series, today we welcome PeterD. Probably one of the longest standing members of the Decentraland community, Peter is a workhorse, and has oodles of creativity running through his veins. If you combine that with the expert modelling skills of CyberMike, only good things can happen… just like Barter Town.

Name of Project: Barter Town
Location in Decentraland: 60, 115
Snapshot: Cyber punk estate
Creators: PeterD & CyberMike
Month /Year Project Started: August 2019
Favourite Successful Enrepreneur?  Richard Branson
Satoshi or Vitalik?  Vitalik
LAND or MANA?  Both!!

How did you find out about Decentraland?
PeterD: Stumbled across the project two years ago when researching other crypto projects.

What first attracted you to Decentraland?
PeterD: The amazing potential!

What do you consider to be the biggest selling points for Decentraland?
PeterD: Accessible to all via a browser, amazing potential to create a 3D/VR city full of content for all…

What is Barter Town?
PeterD: Cyber punk estate offering a market area with shops, apartments to rent and an amazing roof top view! We are developing a roof top experience to take advantage of the space and views and are opening more shops on an ongoing basis.

Why did you start Barter Town?
PeterD: We wanted to show the quality that the engine offers and hopefully start a move from cartoony graphics to something more lifelike…working with CyberMike to create Bartertown as a show case for what can be achieved with the SDK seemed like a great project to work on…it is and is likely to be an ongoing project for the foreseeable.

What are you currently working on?
PeterD: Additional to Barter Town content, my “Cube advertising” venture which uses rotating advertising cubes to advertise Decentraland attractions.

What goals do you have for Barter Town?
PeterD: Lots! We want to fill the marketplace with shops, get the music club going, complete the furnishing of apartments for rent and add an amazing roof top experience.

What exciting things should we look out for from you in the coming months?
PeterD: See above!

Where do you hope to see Barter Town in 2 years time?
PeterD: I would like it to be a major point of interest in Decentraland with thriving shops, people having their own private space in the apartment areas and have one of the most exciting experiences on the roof. We also have high hopes that the Aetherian district will deploy some amazing content as our estate is on the freeway opposite!

Will Decentraland become the lively metaverse we are all hoping for?
PeterD: In my opinion, if they marketing happens and people visit then I cant see how it can fail…there are so many hooks in the city for everyone in all walks of opp’s, leisure, marketing, gaming, shopping and just exploring and having fun!

I realise that the protocols do not allow VR right now and in the end, that may be a very good thing as adoption is king and a lot of VR projects just dont seem to gain traction… so being a browser based world that offers appeal on so many levels, well, I personally cant wait, wish I could fast forward 2 or 3 years

DCL Plazas would like to wish PeterD & CyberMike the best of luck with their cool Cyber Punk project! Not long until launch now!

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