Debussy’s Clare De Lune – The First NFT in Space

As it turns out, whatever billionaires can do, NFTs can do better. In this case, space travel. With this in mind, a rendition of Debussey’s “Clair De Lune” went on a journey to the great beyond.

The achievement was a collaboration between Artemis Music Entertainment, and space pioneers Nanoracks. Between them, they successfully uploaded a copy of the song to Nanoracks’ own dock on the International Space Station. Whilst there, it circumnavigated the earth, then returned to the ground. On its return, Artemis thereafter minted the file as an NFT, recording it for all eternity. The journey of approximately 125,000 miles took around 90 minutes, and was the first of its kind.

The venture provided validation of the Artemis Space Network and many of its technical aspects. Which, in essence, allows of the transference of a digital asset through space, and to record its telemetry, journey and original content to the blockchain. Believe it or not, Artemis are now working on methods of sending music files to the moon and Mars.

The space-travelling NFT will now be auctioned, with the proceeds going towards the Artemis Music Foundation. A charity empowering artists and musicians, and promoting the wonders of space travel.

Claude Debussy perfected the musical masterpiece over a period of 15 years and published it in 1905. Artemis selected the timeless piece for its ability to inspire wonder into its listeners. Artemis commissioned this particular rendition specifically for the journey, as performed by Hong Kong pianist, Wing-Chong Kam.

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