DCL Plazas Rebrands as NFT Plazas – What Comes Next

An Open Letter From The Editor:

Almost 3 years ago, DCLPlazas.com was founded with the sole aim of helping support Decentraland and the growth of the community. For context, at that time Decentraland hadn’t even released a layout of the map (!) which has now grown to be the canvas on which an epic decentralized world has started to take form and materialize.

In line with Decentralands progress, DCL Plazas has also continued to grow its readership, trust, and reputation, each year becoming bigger and better than the last.

Last years progress

In 2020 the time was right to expand on content by offering written articles covering the progress of Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space, making DCL Plazas the No#1 resource for reliable, independently created metaverse content, without bias.

At the same time, the DCL Plazas metaverse advertising product was launched (a world first!) and was even shortlisted for the ‘Most Innovative NFT 2020’ award.

These steps proved that in order to truly innovate and make a difference, expansion and change must be embraced.

Keeping up with the times

Since its inception, DCL Plazas has constantly remodeled and adapted to fit new trends, break down barriers and propose new innovations and ideas. This has all happened mainly within the confines of the metaverse…but that is about to change.

It brings me great pleasure to announce that DCLPlazas.com will soon become NFTPlazas.com.

The time is now right to expand and bring you more NFT content. More projects. More games. More art. More community. This is what is about to happen at NFT Plazas.

Why the change?

Whilst still a relatively small niche, the NFT ecosystem as a whole has seen unprecedented growth and the mainstream now has one eye on what we as an NFT community are creating.

CryptoArt, Play to Earn and DeFi mashups are just the hors d’oeuvres to the beef wellington that is baking in the oven. Now is the right time to tie all this together in one place and provide a trustworthy and reliable one-stop shop for NFT enthusiasts.

Failure to provide our loyal readers with more honest information about what’s going on elsewhere in the NFT arena would be a huge disservice. In saying that, the truth is that promotion and coverage of the metaverse will always be at the core of what happens here.

Another reason for the change is that, currently, many NFT projects and communities are siloed and tribalism between projects is very real. I see the metaverse as a place where these walls can be broken down and clear communication can flow freely, encouraging projects to connect and collaborate more. The WIP is a shining example of this.

Let’s bring great minds, great projects and great people together.

WE NEED YOU! – Behind every good project is a better community

To create more content, we need more people. Over the coming weeks I will be building a team of content creators who are experts in their respective NFT projects.

Rewards will be put in place for passionate content creators and active community members, and this will form the core of a solid community from which to build.

If you are interested in lending your time or skills to help grow this community, and/or creating written or video content about your favourite NFT projects and communities for NFT Plazas, please get in touch here.

Next Steps

There is currently some disruption to new content being released whilst this big change takes place, but please bear with me whilst all the blocks are being put in place. I assure you that there is a lot of planning and building bubbling away in the background which is all aimed at upping the quality of your experience with NFT Plazas, and at the same time spicing up the enjoyment levels.

All announcements will be released in the coming weeks, and I do hope you will come on this journey with NFT Plazas by folding yourself into our community. There has never been a better time.

Finally, thank you to everybody for their support over the past few years. You are all pioneers and I can’t wait to take the next step of this journey with you.

Your Editor,


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