DCL Plazas Expands Coverage to Include Crypto Voxels & Somnium Space

After 2 years covering the progress of Decentraland, we are delighted to announce that, from today, DCL Plazas will expand its coverage to include two more leading virtual blockchain worlds (VBW’s), Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space.

DCL Plazas has always believed in one, interoperable, decentralized metaverse (more about us here) and now feels like the right time to play a role in attracting new users to all 3 platforms, and the NFT industry as a whole.

This is truly an exciting time to be a part of this industry, with so much innovation lurking behind every corner in the NFT and VBW space.

DCL Plazas has a whole range of ground breaking events and initiatives planned for the next few months, and we want each and every one of you to be a part of the journey, regardless of affiliation.

The New Setup

News Coverage

As well as weekly articles covering trending topics about each project, we will also be producing a weekly snapshot article, which will be a short summary of progress and events that have happened across the whole blockchain metaverse, in any given week.

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We believe education is key to attracting new users to the industry, as a result, we have created a comprehensive guide for each VBW, as well as a basic run-through covering the basics of the VBW industry as a whole.

These education sections have been written and designed in a way so as to be easily digestible for new users, who we believe should have access to all the information they need, in one place, to make their research hassle free and garner a quicker understanding of how to get setup and ready to explore.

Please feel free to share these links with new users. We also welcome you to contact us with any suggested improvements or recommended changes.

–  Learn about Virtual Blockchain Worlds

–  Learn about Decentraland

Learn about Somnium Space

– Learn about Cryptovoxels

New Website

We are pleased to present our newly designed website which has been purpose built to give each virtual world equal exposure to a wider audience. We will be constantly working to improve each section, with the hope of making it a valuable resource for all communities, and the go-to place for alternative news and events.

Each VBW has its own dedicated news and events section, all of which will eventually include an interactive map for community members to submit their build (or event) and have it listed for others to discover.

– Dedicated Decentraland News Section

– Dedicated Somnium Space News Section

Dedicated Cryptovoxels News Section

Discord Relaunch

To run alongside our website re-design, we have also re-organized and launched our Discord channel. It now includes sections for all 3 VBW’s, providing a place outside of official channels for people to openly chat, discuss topics and share ideas.

As a further improvement, we have installed a range of bots which pipe in live listings and sales for Decentraland, Cryptovoxels and Somnium Space. Perfect for traders, they include LIVE information about the following:

  •         New land listings
  •         New land sales
  •          New avatar listings
  •         New avatar sales
  •         New wearables listings
  •         New wearables sales

Everybody interested in VBW’s is welcome to join us. We want to actively encourage a collaborative effort to grow, together, regardless of your preferred VBW.

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A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us since 2018. You have already played a fundamental role in helping us to continue further supporting the industry. In other words, you are what legends are made of.

If this is your first time visiting DCL Plazas, thank you for reading this far down. We hope you decide to connect with us, we all have the same goals, regardless of your preferred VBW, so let’s work together and grow!

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