DC Comics Launches Original Batman NFTs

For all the Batman fans out there, you can now start collecting original Batman NFTs. The largest and oldest American comic book company, DC Comics, has released NFTs of their most profitable and indestructible superhero – Batman. DC Comics teamed up with an NFT collectibles startup Veve for Series 4 of Batman. 

The collection features black and white digital Batman statues in four different designs. Each design has a limited number of editions. Some of the Batman NFTs have only 1,850 editions, while others have up to 9000 editions. The price varies according to the rarity of the NFT, the most expensive one being the ultra-rare ‘Nightwing #79’ for the price of $89.99. Each Batman design was created by a different artist. The artists for this collection are Jim Lee, Jae Lee, Gary Frank, and Darwyn Cooke.  

DC Comics also warned in this leaked letter that if others try to create any comic characters that are the DC Comics name, there will be consequences. Perhaps they are feeling threatened by the free reign of talented artists and that some Batman NFTs have already been sold by other artists such José Delbo and Trevor Jones for a handsome return. 

Either way, it’s great to see original collectibles of one of our favourite superheroes are now available! 

Image credit: via DC Comics

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